Industry Expertise of QuickSilver CopyWriters

The benefits of diverse backgrounds and a combined work history give us a unique perspective for a number of industries.  Because we've spent years in the "corporate world," we understand what it's like to be in your shoes. It gives us great insight into how to do the best copywriting and marketing job for your company.

Business Owner: Nine years in family-run and in-home businesses.

Small Business: Over twenty years in retail, service, and distribution industries.

Big Business: Solid credentials with national corporations.

Sales Experience: Member of a high-powered sales force of a multi-million dollar corporation.

Tourism and Recreation: Twenty-plus years in travel promotion; former member Cody Country Chamber of Commerce; experience teaching recreational activities. 

Education: Direct involvement with elementary and secondary schools.

Corporate Training: Experience assessing and implementing training programs and working with IT professionals to improve performance.

Government: Experience working with local, state and federal agencies.

Media: Publication in magazine, newspapers and online; composing and performing radio copy.

Creative Endeavors: More than thirty years writing fiction, including two completed novels.

Religion: Extensive association with churches and faith-based organizations, includes written contributions to religious materials.

Nonprofit Organizations: Partnerships with locally/nationally known and respected charitable groups.


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"With Andy & Shawn's help, 'Snapshots from the Soul' became a reality. They demonstrated great sensitivity and compassion and we enjoyed working with them very much."

~Dennis E. Chapman, Associate Executive Director, City Union Mission, KC, MO


“Andy and Shawn are copywriters you can count on to understand your business and your customers. I couldn’t be more impressed with the copy they provided us. Their work is excellent. I look forward to working with them again soon.”

~Kevin Fryer


"A book would not be enough room to compliment Shawn on her work. Her professionalism comes first even if it means staying up late at night to answer all your question. She works tirelessly to get the best results possible. Her attitude, caring, and devotion are unique and I'm thankful I had the chance to work with her."

~ Olga O'Mara


"Andy is a no fluff wordsmith with high direct response, long copy talent. His work will lift interest in your website. His ability to get up to speed on your unique business model is impressive. He is persistent to completing projects and takes personal pride in the quality of his work. He is honest and knows what drives sales. If you are lucky enough to get him, you will get above average copy for a fair price. I'd use Andy anytime."

~ Christopher Hebard
Pruett Media